Cane Corso Pitbull Mix

The Cane Corso and Pittie mixes are huge and powerful dogs that are incredibly protective and territorial. They are very active and need plenty of exercise, so make sure to find the right fit for your lifestyle. These dogs are also great companions for those who are looking for an energetic pet that will live with their family for years. If you are considering getting a Cane Corso or Pittie, make sure to read about the proper socialization of these dogs and how they are different from other breeds of dog.

Cane Corso and Pittie mixes are large dogs

Cane Corso and Pittie mix are large dogs that are very similar in appearance. This cross is a perfect example of a big, powerful dog with the personality and strength of each. The two breeds are similar in size, weight and appearance, so they make great family pets. This mix can reach 70 to 115 pounds and has short, wavy hair, much like a Pit Bull.

They are protective

Cane Corso Pitbull mixes are a good choice for those looking for a dog with a protective nature. This breed is known for being extremely loyal to their owners and is friendly to children. This breed is very protective, and needs extensive socialization. Through socialization, the breed can learn the normal behavior of the "good guys" and what to do if something happens. Without socialization, the breed may be suspicious of everyone and may even bite a stranger if they feel threatened.

They are territorial

The Cane Corso is one of the most popular breeds of dog today. While both sexes are extremely territorial, they are different in their temperaments. Cane Corso males tend to be more aggressive, and they are more prone to aggression. They are not as fond of humans as females, but they are equally loving and protective of their masters. Regardless of gender, you should be ready to put up with the occasional display of territorial behaviour if you adopt one of these dogs.

They require a lot of exercise

A Cane Corso Pit-bull mix needs a lot of exercise, not just for its health but also for mental stimulation. A Cane Corso must be given at least 45 minutes to an hour of physical activity each day. Without sufficient exercise, your cane cursor may develop behavioural problems, such as barking, digging and destructive behaviour. It may also become aggressive. To avoid this, consider investing in a treadmill or a similar exercise machine.

They need human companionship

Although Cane Corso Pit-bull mixes are solitary by nature, they will still need lots of human companionship. The breed craves calm affection and laid-back companionship. As a result, they often become deeply attached to their human owners. They tend to make remarkable eye contact with their favourite people. They also love to spend as much time as possible near their owners. If you're not able to provide this for your new pet, you may find it unruly and unsociable as an adult.